The Challenge

REI Systems developed a grants management tool to assist grantors/grantees with managing grants (money), called GovGrants. The downside was the UI was poorly designed which led to frequent errors and inconsistencies throughout the application. REI Systems needed to redesign the GovGrants UI to improve the effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and product marketability.

Target Audience

Process - GGProcess - GG

Thought Process

Grants Management is a very complex process and we wanted to create a simple, engaging grants management interface for users. After some research and a number of team discussions, we designed the interface around the concept of separating the grants lifecycle into a step by step process. We wanted to keep the each process very simple and illustrated the different sections in the sitemap below.

GG info archGG info arch

User Story

Scenario 1: A lab of scientists need funding to support their research on the Zika virus. In order to gain funding, a grantee applies for a grant using GovGrants. The user flow below visually depicts the process and decision points the user must make to complete a the task and the processes that occur in the background. 

Website Architecture - GGWebsite Architecture - GG


GovGrants V3_wireframeGovGrants V3_wireframe
GovGrants V3_Announcements_WireframesGovGrants V3_Announcements_Wireframes
GovGrants V3_Planning_WireframesGovGrants V3_Planning_Wireframes
GovGrants V3_Application_WireframesGovGrants V3_Application_Wireframes
GovGrants V3_Closeout-_WireframesGovGrants V3_Closeout-_Wireframes
GovGrants V3_Closeout_WireframesGovGrants V3_Closeout_Wireframes

Visual Mockups

GovGrants V3GovGrants V3
GovGrants V3_AnnouncementsGovGrants V3_Announcements
GovGrants V3_Announcements_grant application formGovGrants V3_Announcements_grant application form
GovGrants V3_PlanningGovGrants V3_Planning
GovGrants V3_ApplicationsGovGrants V3_Applications
GovGrants V3_CloseoutGovGrants V3_Closeout
GovGrants V3_Closeout-Detail PageGovGrants V3_Closeout-Detail Page