Team Dignitas Website Redesign

A personal project to redesign the official Team Dignitas website. I felt that the current website needed an update to better match the Dignitas brand and resolve a number of UI issues.

The Challenge

Team Dignitas is one of the world's largest Esports organizations. Ever since the Phildadelphia 76ers became major shareholders in the company, Team Dignitas' official website no longer satisfied the brand standards. While I am unaware of any redesigns in the works, I thought it would be a fun challenge to redesign it and take my own spin on it.

Target Audience


Thought Process

I wanted to create a simple, intuitive design with the user in mind. I started researching Team Dignitas' audience and their goals when visiting the website. With this is mind, I designed the site based on the user's needs and wants.

User Goals


User Story

Scenario 1:  A young fan wants to support Team Dignitas by purchasing a team hoodie from the store. The user flow below visually depicts the process and decision points the user must make to complete a the task.



Team Dignitas WireframeTeam Dignitas Wireframe
Team Dignitas Wireframe_Store 1Team Dignitas Wireframe_Store 1
Team Dignitas Wireframe_Store 2Team Dignitas Wireframe_Store 2

Visual Mockups

Dignitas Website_V2_bDignitas Website_V2_b
Dignitas Website_V2_SponsorsDignitas Website_V2_Sponsors
Dignitas Website_Contact PageDignitas Website_Contact Page
Dignitas Website_V2_StoreDignitas Website_V2_Store
Dignitas Website_V2_Store_ShirtDignitas Website_V2_Store_Shirt
Dignitas Website_V2_Store_Shopping CartDignitas Website_V2_Store_Shopping Cart